IKSA Footbike/Tretroller World Championships 2012 are over!

The IKSA World Championships 2012 are over! We head a great event with an incredible starter field, impressive athlets, several surprises, perfect weather and thankfully no grave accident!

Sprint day for Footbike USA Team

Official Results and medals table: here


- SR TV report from monday 6.8. (really good!!!)

- Interview and Video at the SR1 with Team Kickbike Australia

- SZ 1.8.2012 - RZ 1.8.2012SOL 2.8.2012SZ 3.8.2012SZ 4.8.2012

- SZ 5.8.2012


Photos& Videos

- Mainpage from Jens Seemann with lots of photos and videos

Great WC video overview from Jens:

Nice slow motions from Jens “Kicking styles at the WC”:

- Iksaworld-Sprint Iksaworld-Pupils&Kids Race 2

- Iksaworld-Relay YouthIksaworld-Relay Women Iksaworld-Relay Men

- Iksaworld-Criterium Women+Youth - Iksaworld-Criterium Men

- Iksaworld-Marathon Women+YouthIksaworld-Marathon Men

- from Olaf Ernst: ceremonies and races

- from Mark Wohlrab

Marathon track uphill part


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